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What are the factors related to bad PCBA processed by SMT?

In the process of making the PCBA board, the SMT processing process is particularly important, and the process is also the most likely to cause the defects of the pcba board, especially the advanced level of the equipment, the manual operation method and the air environment, and the like. Below we talk about some of the bad factors in the smt processing process which are?

More than 48% of all defects in SMT processing originate from the printing process and play an important role in the technology of front-end basic printing. 90% of bad printing of SMT processing board is caused by bad solder paste mixing; SJM’s smt processing factory introduces Japan’s advanced planetary centrifugal solder paste mixing technology to solve the problem of solder paste and solder paste printing for major companies such as electronics and optoelectronics. Caused by the bad, thus greatly improving the quality of enterprise products and work efficiency.


The following are the unfavorable factors caused by solder paste stirring in place during smt processing.

1, poor solder paste flux and tin powder uniformity is not enough, resulting in bad welding!

2, Bad solder paste viscosity is not enough, tin powder flux component volatility, easy to drop or placement device drift!

3, the solder paste contains air bubbles (air), solder blasts and sand holes, etc.;

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Post time: Aug-27-2018

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